Regain Your Youth

at rejeuvine med spa in san diego, we’ve discovered the fountain of youth: juvederm voluma. k, so maybe juvederm voluma is not the real fountain of youngsters, but it’s miles a manner to repair midface quantity, reversing some of the impact of facial growing old. the end result is a face that appears extra younger, fresher, and fuller, with out making you appear to be you have got had paintings performed. in preference to questioning you had some thing achieved, human beings will think that you are cozy, were getting lots of sleep, consuming lots of water, and exercise. in different phrases, you will regain a natural-searching youthful appearance.
juvederm voluma is a hyaluronic acid (ha) smooth tissue filler. fda accepted, voluma has been in use in europe for over a decade and is now used in 72 international locations round the sector. it is extra comfortable for customers than other fillers, and even comes in a version with lidocaine protected, juvederm voluma xc. voluma is used particularly to target the loss of midface volume, which can’t most effective make a person appearance older, however virtually alternate someone’s complete facial look. in fact, the conventional face lift, which now not handiest tightened skin however additionally lifted tender tissues, targeted these age-associated face-adjustments.
what makes voluma a better choice than different fillers? well, it’s miles similar to different ha fillers, which are not historically used within the mid-face place. ha fillers are made up of long chains of sugars that clearly arise in the skin, in order that the frame does not respond like it is a foreign substance. but, voluma’s ha is particularly formulated in order that these sugar-chains are longer-lasting, because of this that voluma lasts longer than and provides better outcomes than comparable fillers. in reality, voluma can also provide effects for as long as years.

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