How I Cured My Squamous Cell Carcinoma Skin Cancer

i suffered a minor skin injury on my back in the course of my younger days in the marine corps. the size of the harm was approximately 1/4 inch, after which grew to golf ball size – 32 years later.

سنی لیون کا معروف کرکٹر کو ایسا چیلنج کہ وہ منہ چھانے لگے

تفصیلات جانئے :-

over time, i tried every pores and skin medicine from numerous docs. a few labored transient, whilst others did no longer deal with the trouble vicinity in any respect. nothing regarded to work, till now.

it becomes on a rainy day lower back in December’s 2014. i was going thru some antique picture albums. i realized something out of the ordinary with my grandparent’s eight x 10 image. it had a bulge inside the center.

i peeled the photograph back and determined a folded piece of paper taped to it. my grandmother gave me the image in 1976. i located it inside the picture album with out searching on the returned. at the beginning, i concept it was one of her famous recipes; rather, it became a therapy for my skin cancer!

my pores and skin most cancers is squamous cell carcinoma. the place had grown to approximately 1-1/4″ in diameter. in reality, the sore spot have become blistered and oozing with blood at instances because of the open wound. it was very hard to maintain easy sheets or wear shirts without staining the whole thing.

on february 1, 2015, i decided to strive my grandparent’s skin most cancers remedy.

this is how i did it…

organic coconut oil (you may discover this at your nearby fitness save).
arm & hammer baking soda (you can locate this at your nearby grocery store).

for every software, degree 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, and put right into a small cup. mix it round very thoroughly until it seems like a white paste. for larger areas, blend full teaspoon.

earlier than making use of it to the pores and skin, wash the region smooth with a warm washcloth, or take a heat bathe.

use the spoon to pour the paste over the complete inflamed location. ensure all of it’s far
blanketed. region a three” x four” waterproof adhesive pad (latex bandage) over the vicinity. go away it on for a 24 hour duration, or much less.

the subsequent remedy may be the precise combination of elements and alertness. take bandage off, wipe the place clean, apply the paste with a brand new bandage. do this for the next 12-14 days, or till you start to see the skin heal.

alas, i do now not understand how coconut oil and baking soda mixed works as nicely as it does. but, i will say my skin most cancers is long past. the hassle location is completely healed and lower back to normal. of route, this isn’t always going to help all people along with his or her pores and skin cancer. but, it would assist any person obtainable with skin cancer like mine.

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